Find inner calm: how to rest in the midst of chaos?

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There is a part of us that wants to find peace beyond all the chaos, all the turmoil, and all the distractions in our lives. We want to get away from it all or take control to create order out of disorder. We want calm, we want rest, and we want peace.

But this kind of research into banishing chaos and stress is generally not possible unless you go to the mountains and live in a monastery. (But then again, you will also find chaos.) So what can we do? The answer is to find calm and peace directly in the midst of the difficulties encountered.

In this article, you’ll read about a resting practice at home and then talk about how to use this in the midst of the unexpected in our lives.

Meditation at rest at home :

Try this now, if you’re somewhere where you can sit quietly (even on a train or bus) for a minute or two, you can experience it now:

  • Ideally sit in a position where you feel stable and anchored.
  • First check with your body. What sensations can you notice? Is your posture straight and relaxed? What kind of energy are you feeling right now? How does it feel to be alive now?
  • Then check with your breathing. Is your breathing relaxed? How do you feel your breath? What is the texture of this breath? Keep your attention on the breath for a few moments.
  • Then expand your awareness to the whole room, including yourself. Nothing in particular, just a general conscience open to everyone while having their eyes open. You become aware of all the sensations without labeling them. Do not judge anything, do not focus on something in particular, open yourself to full awareness of a field of sensations, to your own body included in this field without being separated from anything.
  • In each of these steps, if your mind begins to wander in thoughts, notice it (without judgment) and slowly return to your awareness of the present moment.

If you can rest in this open consciousness, come back to it when you go astray. We all have this idea of ​​ourselves, a structure that we created which is “me”, but in truth, it is just a mental concept. With an open conscience, this conception can fall. Try it for a minute or two, and see if you can let go of this mental concept of yourself, so that you’re only doing part of everything in your consciousness.

In the moments when you can do it, it’s like coming home. Think about what it is like to go home (either at home in the evening, or in your childhood home after your absence). It’s like coming home, it’s familiar and comfortable with a sense of belonging. This is where you belong, where you are loved, where you can be at rest. It is the feeling that you can have if you rest in the open consciousness, with your sense of self-falling and that no longer exists. Rest in this place of stillness, of connection to infinity.

Find calm in daily chaos :

If you can get a glimpse of that feeling of calm, being at home in peace in the above meditation (and don’t worry if you can’t yet, it may take a little practice) then you have a place you can return to at any time.

In a time of stress or frustration, you can take a break and regain that feeling of stillness. In an argument with your spouse, in the noise of road traffic, in the difficulty of managing all your daily tasks, you can rest by meditating, by returning to this place of calm.

At any time of the day, you can access this :

  • Observe that you are stressed and feel a sense of chaos. Notice that this comes from a control search. Note that this comes from a need to be safe, by being attached to a particular idea.
  • Let go of the sense of self, just by being part of everything around you. Reconnect to the inner calm.
  • Find a feeling of love for everything in your consciousness, a sense of compassion for all the suffering parts (yourself included, but also for others), a feeling of friendship for everything that is in your conscience, a feeling of curiosity, kindness, and gratitude.
  • Continue to do what you need to do right now by accomplishing your daily tasks but with a feeling of stillness in the midst of chaos, in a connection with the infinity all around you, and in a feeling of peace as you move on the action.

There is no need to get away from chaos. It’s just a movement that we need to learn to live with! Each difficulty is an opportunity to progress 😉

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