KNOW HOW TO CLEAN NEGATIVE ENERGIES: Techniques for energy cleaning

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When you are tired when you meet people who are depressed, who complain, or who have serious pathologies …

If you are yourself sick, flu, with pain or heavy and medicated pathologies …

If you come out tired from an RV or a meeting, if you have not been well for a few days without reason, if you are tired when you are in a crowd, in shops … Now is the time to clean up !!!

But just like taking a good shower each morning to feel clean and invigorated, you should pay special attention to your energy cleaning.

The powers of salt

Used for years for purification, saltwater is extremely powerful.

Choose Himalayan salt

It is a rock salt, very old which was deposited at the time when the Himalayas were still underwater. He trained in an era without pollution + without human memories …

If we know that water represents the energy of our emotions, it is better to choose the best. Sea salt, whether from Guérande, Camargue, or elsewhere, is responsible for the water in the sea and the oceans of today with various types of pollution (oil, Fukushima, etc.).

During your shower, take a container filled with salt and water.

Apply it all over your body, saying “With this salt, I purify my body and let go of everything that is not mine”.

You can also make a weekly habit of taking a bath with salt water.

Salt acts on the astral and psychic sphere, like a sterilizer. It cleanses the environment of negative energies and it creates an invisible and powerful barrier against harmful energies. Salt is an electrical conductor that absorbs negative ions. In contact with the skin, its function is to remove negative energy in the aura.

Burn white sage

It is not the sage from our gardens. Its leaves are broad and white / gray.

It grows in the Amerindian regions and is responsible for the vibration of the place, of the Earth / Patchamama.

There are 2 presentations:

– either in small pieces of leaves.

– either in “smudge” that is to say in stick. The leaves are surrounded by a small string.

To extinguish it, simply crush it gently in a glass filled with a little sand or crush it in the Abalone.

The Amerindians use the abalone or ear of the seas. In the shamanic process of fumigation, the four elements are represented: the shell symbolizes Water, the match which ignites white sage represents Fire, grasses and ash connects us to the earth and finally smoke as the element of air.

The property of white sage is to repel negative energies and attract positive entities, to rid organic and psychic miasma, and to bring healing and protection.

Burn sage around your body, in your space, and attract positive energy by affirming: “Let all beings be happy, healthy, and far from danger. May we all live in peace.”

For a room:

You pass the smudge in an anti-clockwise direction by making the angles of the parts well because it is in the recesses that the negative energy stagnates. You end up in the center of the room then after 2 or 3 minutes you open the windows to let the negative energy evaporate. You can also use white sage in essential oil, broadcast in a room.


Preferably use natural incense (and not with synthetic fragrances), whether it be powder incense (in the form of sticks or cones), resin (to be burned on charcoal), or essential oils (to diffuse in a perfume burner or in the water with which you pass the mop).

Some essences are said to be more purifying than others. Among the most famous:

– Camphor: a sort of astral “disinfectant”, it destroys all forms of negativity without leaving a residue, purifies the psyche, and cleanses the place.

– Dragon’s Blood: dissolves all dark energy, destroys negative entities, and protects them durably against them, strongly elevates the vibratory rate.

– Lavender: Purifies by raising the vibration, making it elusive with low energies.

There are of course a large number of plants and essences with purifying properties (laurel, basil, peppermint, Benzoin, Storax, Palo Santo, olibanum …), this is only a small listing by way of example.


Whether it’s wearing it in jewelry, putting it in the entrance of your apartment or placing it in the four corners of your house … The stones act by themselves very effectively.

You can even increase their capabilities by charging them if you are familiar with these methods.

Among the crystals most used for purification and protection:

The Amethyst

So purifying that it is one of the very rare stones which purifies itself and purifies the crystals which touch. Unclogs any form of negativity by raising the vibration (just like lavender), replaces dark energies with light energies.

Black tourmaline

Very complementary to amethyst, it fights against pollution and all bad influences. Tourmalines should be cleaned and purified frequently. Place them under running tap water or in a glass or earthenware container filled with distilled or salted water. It is simply recharged by the rays of the sun (without excess) or the moon, or even on a heap of quartz.


Selenite is a very soft and yet very radical stone, projecting rays of light (invisible) destroying any form of shadow. Stone linked to the angelic kingdoms, it is supposed to attract the “good spirits” in order to rid of negative presences and energies.

The Tiger’s Eye

Very effective in repelling negativity before it reaches you, this stone acts as a mirror which returns to its source any harmful energy directed against its wearer.

Labradorite is a stone that does not close its wearer in a shield but on the contrary, increases its receptivity. On the other hand, it absorbs the negative instead of the person, which makes it very famous in many professions directly related to people. It, therefore, requires to be very regularly purified (water, sun, crystalline heap, etc.).

The list could still be very long since many stones generally purify and protect something special and in its own way.

You can wear one or more stones in jewelry, or place them above your front door or at the four corners of your accommodation.

Release your emotions back to Earth

The earth is strong and it can contain great emotions.

When in doubt, bend down and put your hands on the earth and say “Mother Earth, I give you this energy. Please absorb it.”


The circle of light

Imagine a circle of light above your spinning head. A hole forms in the middle and you enter the head. The circle will gradually “scan” your entire body. As soon as you feel the circle “loaded”, you expel the overflow (which can take the appearance of black smoke) in a trash can: you imagine a hatch giving into the universe (do not forget to close it again) by asking that this energy be renewed into positive energy.

When you feel that there is nothing more to remove, thank this cleaning.

The rain of light

Imagine a sun of light above your head. This huge ball explodes and floods you with a rain of light that cleanses and purifies you.

Try an energy meditation

Stop for a few minutes, right now. Imagine that there is an energy circle around you that is five meters in diameter and bring it closer to you as you go. Three meters, two meters, one meter! Your foot. Draw the energy towards your trunk. You will feel more secure and attract more energy.


And yes, that will undoubtedly make some smile, but what we call prayers or formulas have a great effectivity on the vibratory level.

Not only do words focus the intention of an individual for a specific purpose, but the vibrations of words make it possible to act on (invisible) vibrational worlds. Depending on your personal belief or religion, you can choose the prayers that suit you best.

The bottom line is that the words you use call for pure, bright energies and demand to be rid of heavy, negative vibrations.

Cleansing Prayer

I am free ….

Like a source of water flowing, flowing and joining the ocean,

I free myself from all the negative charges that plague my energy.

I cleanse myself and purify myself of everything that today clutters my being.

I surrender and I let go.

These charges reach the earth and transmute into forces and resources.

Nothing is negative.

All is.

Everything is transformed.

Everything lives.

All molted.

Everything is connected.

Freed from these burdens, burdens, constraints,

I can radiate with all my inner light

And enlighten the people around me, the planet, the world.

I can illuminate everything around me.

Patiently, all the seeds I planted turn into beautiful flowers.

My dreams are coming true.

My desires materialize.

I reach my goals with confidence.

I am in all my magnificence.

I am in all my splendor.

I radiate with all my being.

I am aligned with my true essence.

I am.

Forgive yourself and forgive others

Another liberation technique is forgiving: forgiving yourself and forgiving others …

We do not forgive to release the other and forgiving does not mean that we approve the act. We forgive to free ourselves from all the loads of anger, resentment, sadness that gnaw at us internally and that lower our vibratory rate.

We can use a prayer, but you can also choose the words yourself, using your intuition.

“Dear God, I wish to forgive (name of person) and myself for this dispute, in exchange for inner peace. I want to take responsibility for the role I played in this situation and I ask for assistance to truly learn the life lesson inherent in this challenge. I no longer want to carry the burden or the toxins of anger in my heart and mind. I now completely and freely entrust to You the judgments, thoughts, and feelings that I ask You to purify, detoxify, cleanse, and transmute. Thank you.”

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