How to let the stress go?

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Does stress come up often in your life?

Does this decrease the quality of your life a little?

If this is the case, try to take a break from your day even if it is busy to observe a little what you feel.

Is your jaw tight, your shoulders tight, your body tense?

Have you noticed a part of your body that feels tension around something that worries you?

Is there a part of your mind that feels the same kind of tension?

Most of us experience stress throughout the day, whether we are aware of it or not. The good news is that we can let go of this stress, something that disturbs us. But before that, it is important to understand:

Why are we stressed, do we feel anxious, do we feel overwhelmed or out of control?

It is because the world is not the perfect, calm, orderly, simple place that we would like it to be. We want things to be comfortable, enjoyable, beautiful, and orderly. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more hectic, people demand our attention, we are not as disciplined as we would like, people do things that frustrate us and there is too much to do, read, learn and achieve.

The problem is not the world, or other people like these will always be messy and different from our expectations. The problem is that we hold on to what we want others to be, to what we want about ourselves, to what we want from our work and in our life in general.

Our attachment to these ideals causes struggles and tensions. Our reluctance to accept the way things are causes our frustrations. And we don’t want to feel these difficulties, so we try to avoid thinking about it with distractions.

But there is good news! We can stop the fight and find joy in reality within and around us.

The joy of letting go:

I will give you a simple practice to use whenever you experience stress, anxiety, frustration, or other forms of inner struggle.

  • Notice the feeling you feel. Bring it into your field of consciousness.
  • Turn to him and welcome him. Smile and be kind to this feeling, giving it your full attention.
  • Notice how you feel in your body. Where is the feeling, how is it?
  • Notice the tension in your body and the tension in your mind because you don’t want to have this feeling and this reality, which results in stress.
  • Try to relax this tense part of your body. Then relax the tense part of your mind that resists with this feeling.

In this more relaxed space, open up the inside of your mind and body a little. In this space, allow yourself to see the fundamental goodness in you, which is there at all times. Allow yourself to see the basic goodness of this very moment, still available to us if we are willing to see it.

Find the joy of rediscovering this goodness in you and in this moment. This is the practice of letting go of tension and accepting this moment as it is and yourself as you are. You can do it at any time. You can practice by seeing kindness in others too. Seeing the goodness in our difficulties and our complicated relationships will completely free us. We can discover the joy and love that is still there in the back of our minds if we decide to reconnect with it.

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