Take control of your life

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Are anxiety and stress part of your daily life? Do you have time for everyone and everything except yourself? Have you forgotten that you are the most important person in your life?

It is time to STOP!

Take it easy, what happens to you is normal. You live surrounded by a constant bombardment of information, a high demand, and a frenetic pace of life that makes you forget to live.

You are so immersed in what you have to do because you do it every day. Because you just have to forget what you want to do.

You are not used to listening to yourself and that makes your body end up screaming through psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression or, at worst, psychosomatic illnesses.

So if you want to live your life truly, fully, with all the consequences that this implies, you will have no choice but to learn to stop and listen to yourself.

And what better tool for this than meditation.

Meditation is not only a strategy or a technique that will help you to be more relaxed or decrease your anxiety at a specific moment, but it is a philosophy of life.

A philosophy of life that brings you closer to your essence, to your truth, to the things that really matter.

A philosophy of life that reduces noise, allows you to listen to yourself and enjoy those little things that make life great.

We live so fast, with the autopilot on, that we don’t realize that the days go by while we live the life that others have designed for us.

Did you know that … Meditate regularly..

    • Has shown the same efficacy as certain anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs
    • Increase positive emotions and satisfaction in your life
    • Supports your immune system and reduces pain and inflammation
    • Improve memory and attention
    • Promotes consistency and concentration
    • Promote empathy, understanding, and solidarity
    • Increase the volume of your brain in certain parts related to emotional management, memory, introspection, attention, and thought
    • It helps you see your life and the world with a greater perspective
    • Increase resilience in difficult times
    • It has shown improvements in diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, asthma, psoriasis, headaches, hypertension, chronic pain, and heart disease.

If you still need more reasons, let me tell you that meditating will help you LIVE MORE AND BETTER.

Various studies have shown that the regular practice of meditation favors longevity since it delays cellular aging, favoring the activity of the above telomerase, which is in charge of protecting and repairing telomeres (Telomeres are regions of genetic material whose length is directly related with longevity).

Through meditation, you can access all the resources within you. Because all the answers, everything you need and you are looking for outside you will only be found inside you.

You have inside you the seeds of a large tree capable of making the forest a more beautiful place. Please, don’t just live like a bonsai.

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